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April at The Green Cat – Daffodils, Crocus, our Cherry tree’s decked out in delicate pink blossoms…

green gable room bath 005

What they say about March – is true! March 1st 2013 It’s definitely coming in like a mid-sized lion

March 1st, 2013 Poulsbo Washington State 2013

Today the crocuses are up, the daffodils are budding, and the primroses are colorfully stalwart.  The temperature is 60 degrees and the Northwest March wind is blowing spring in whether Spring is ready or not!  The sun was out, and we reveled  in the in-coming season.  Blow, wind – and bring spring in!  We can feel the earth turn – and digging the food garden is an urgent task.  We want to be ready two weeks from now when the planting begins.

January Getaway Weekends at The Green Cat: A little port, a little chocolate, a cozy fire…

 January.  Deep winter.  Cold, dark and dreary.  The holidays are over and there’s still a month to – Valentine’s Day.  Is that the way you feel?  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  January is a great  month to relax a little bit every day, wind down with evenfall, light the candles and the fireplace.  Pour a bit of port or a nice cuppa tea.  And what better place to do that but – The Green Cat Guest House.  We’ve got the port, the tea, the chocolate, the candles and the fireplace waiting for you…orchard room 2-7-2011 013

‘Tis the Season To Be Cozy…

The Orchard Room

Seattle Repertory Theatre Presents: “Inspecting Carol” a hilarious tale of a theatre company and its production of Charles Dicken’s “AChristmas Carol”

Come to the Seattle Repertory Theatre and see our play!  We open just before Thanksgiving – a “backstage” comedy of what can go wrong and- right in putting on a play!  go to : for times and tickets!

We’re baaack! Green Cat Now Open New and Improved! Halloween is gonna be fun!

We’re back from a little respite, we’ve done a little painting and upgrading and looking forward to Halloween and the Holidays!

Next up:  Pumpkin bread with blackberry cream.  We picked the blackberries in September and made some jam, and voila!

Still life with apple crisp – Green Cat “king” apples


The Light is Changing…

Pretty darn cute!

Watch out for the cute fluffy baby coyotes…

Labor Day weekend at The Green Cat Guest House –

The light is absolutely beautiful this time of year as the sun angles its way south to the Fall Equinox .  Everything is tinted a delicate gold.  The geese honk their arrival overhead.  A fluffy blond baby coyote freezes behind the tall grass as we pass the meadow.  Gee they look cute  when they’re young.  Until they gather in packs and  snack on your cat.  Frida doesn’t know she’s  not the top of the food chain around here.  We let her outside until we found  her wandering around in the deep woods half an acre away.  Leo gets it.  He was born at the farm next door and he’s the only kitty I’ve ever met out here in the wilds of western Puget Sound who knows to look up.  Who checks the sky for predators before moving out of the cedar grove or a thicket in to the broad fields… Screeee,screeeeee, screee, wheels the bald eagle overhead.  Leo’s heard the horror stories of kitty collars found in eagle’s nests.    He knows about the fluffy blond baby coyotes. Hear the pack on the ridge yipping merrily? Dinner’s coming.

July Garden