The Light is Changing…

Pretty darn cute!

Watch out for the cute fluffy baby coyotes…

Labor Day weekend at The Green Cat Guest House –

The light is absolutely beautiful this time of year as the sun angles its way south to the Fall Equinox .  Everything is tinted a delicate gold.  The geese honk their arrival overhead.  A fluffy blond baby coyote freezes behind the tall grass as we pass the meadow.  Gee they look cute  when they’re young.  Until they gather in packs and  snack on your cat.  Frida doesn’t know she’s  not the top of the food chain around here.  We let her outside until we found  her wandering around in the deep woods half an acre away.  Leo gets it.  He was born at the farm next door and he’s the only kitty I’ve ever met out here in the wilds of western Puget Sound who knows to look up.  Who checks the sky for predators before moving out of the cedar grove or a thicket in to the broad fields… Screeee,screeeeee, screee, wheels the bald eagle overhead.  Leo’s heard the horror stories of kitty collars found in eagle’s nests.    He knows about the fluffy blond baby coyotes. Hear the pack on the ridge yipping merrily? Dinner’s coming.

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